Our Story

We are living in the era of speed & technology. Noone has time for breakdowns. Just over a year ago we became fascinated by the idea of cars running over road without any breakdown of punctures. What if we could invent something that can provide every driver a puncture free journey ? It may sound crazy but we wanted to make it possible because it can definitely bring a revolution in automobile sector. By doing an intensive market survey and considering the need of the hour, our company Extrabounce International Pvt ltd came up with the idea of Anti Puncture Gel. After so many research trials and demonstrations we developed FIXXIN Anti Puncture Gel.  As the name itself suggest Fixxin provides instant & permanent puncture protection for the life of the tyre. The brand Fixxin also provides Car & Bike care products like Car/bike shampoo, Car/bike Polish, Waterless car wash, Multipurpose/Glass cleaner, Air Freshner spray & Air Inflator. Fixxin believes in “WE MAKE LIFE EASY” so we are working on including more & more products to serve our customers.